Sunday, March 27, 2011

August 22nd, 2010

On August 22nd, I was scheduled for my induction.
I was kind of bummed that I had to be induced because I really wanted that whole experience of going into labor and what not, plus, I HATE hospitals and I wanted to be there as little as possible and induction meant I had to be there for the whole entire labor. BOO!
But anyway, we had to be at the hospital at 5 in the A.M., which was pretty dang early for us since we were so used
to being asleep until around 11.
We got to the hospital and they pretty muc
h insisted to wheel chair[?] me from the lobby to labor and delivery, which was totally unnecessary since I wasn't even in labor and I could walk pretty dang well thank you very much.
However, they were hospital people, and, frankly, I'm not one to stand up to authority and they scared me, so I obliged and let th
em wheel chair[okay, I really don't think that's right, but oh well] me. It was super awkward.
Well, we got all signed up and I got my wrist ba
nds and they sent us to a room. I got hooked up to baby heart rate monitors, a blood pressure cuff, and an IV.
At around 6, they put this pill formed medicine in
my place where the baby comes out to soften the cervix. By 8 o'clock I was 100% effaced and 2 cm dilated.
I was so insanel
y excited.
However, until around 5 p.m., my day was almo
st completely uneventful.
I started feeling the contractions bad, but I couldn't get my epidural until I was at least 3 cm dilated.
Well, I took a nap, but was awoken by contractions
. So they suggested walking around the hospital and I felt like telling them, "Screw you.", but like I said before, I'm not one to argue with authority, so we walked. And basically, it sucked.
After 20 minutes of walking, we went back to the r
oom. I was finally dilated to a three! So around 3 p.m., I got my epidural.
After that, they broke my water and by 5 p.m., I was di
lated to 5 cm. They said I would probably deliver around 10 p.m. since the nurse said it went super duper fast [my words not hers :)].
So I slept some more and at around 8 p.m., I started feeling contractions.
I was freaking out because I didn't want to feel
ANYTHING. Hence, the epidural.
However, there was this magical little button o
n my epidural thing that you could press every three minutes or so that would kick in more epidural. Needless to say, we pressed every three minutes or so. It did absolutely nothing. [Until later, which I will get to later :)]
Then at around 8:20ish I started feeling pressure and they said if I'm feeling pressure, it means I need to start pushing. So they pu
t my feet in the saddle things and the nurse got all up in there and I started pushing which is not the most fun thing in the world.
Eventually my doctor came in and was really only in there for about two or three pushes.
At 8:41 p.m. on August 22nd 2010, the most gorgeous little 6 lb 15 oz 19 inch baby girl was born
The doctor put her on my chest area, CJ cut the um
bilical cord, and they started to clean her up.
We were all totally tearing up. She had a full head of
dark hair and she was more amazing and gorgeous than I ever imagined her to be.
She cried a little and my mom got a few pictures.

Then, they whisked her up to quickly measure and weigh her and to do all that other necessary stuff they had to do with babies.
Then, Lilly was passed around the room.
First, to CJ.

Then, to my mom.

Then, to Tiffiny.
Lilly started getting kind of fussy and the nurse suggested that she was probably hungry. I had decided that, if I kept my baby, I wanted to breastfeed because it was just generally better for the baby. However, since we were placing after a week, I figured I'd just breastfeed for the week. So I think she ate enough cause after that, she fell asleep.
Then, they moved me on to a different bed that rolled and stuff and moved me into a room. Thank goodness Lilly was born when she was because private rooms were first come first served and we got one! Woo hoo!
Any way, shortly after we got into the room, CJ totally passed out and, since only one person could stay in a private room with the mother and the baby, our moms went home.
I enjoyed some time just holding Lilly, but I was dead tired. Soon enough, CJ woke up and put Lilly in this little bassinet thing they have for the babies in the rooms since I couldn't feel from my hips down and couldn't even lift my legs because of the epidural, a total result from pressing that button so many times. Whoopsies :]
Lilly absolutely refused to sleep in the bassinet, though, and CJ was asleep again. A nurse came in and offered to take her to the nursery so we could sleep a little. I felt kind of guilty letting them take her like that, but I was so incredibly tired. So, she went to the nursery for a few hours so CJ and I could sleep a little. We had a big day coming up. Lilly was going to meet everyone. Including her parents♥

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  1. Not many teenagers would be willing to make the selfless decision you two made to give your daughter the gift of married parents through adoption. You did what was right for your baby, even though I am sure it was the hardest thing you ever had to do. In His time God will bless you with a family of your own.