Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finding the Perfect Parents.

When we told Sharri that we had chosen adoption for our baby, she started sending me emails of couples that matched our criteria. We wanted someone who wasn't too far away[our limit was two hours drive time(:], a youngerish couple, we didn't mind if they already had kids[adopted or biological], we didn't care if they had pets, we wanted the mom to be able to stay home with the baby, and we most definitely wanted an open adoption. Like, as open as it could possibly be without being weird. I looked at all the couples Sharri sent us, but none of them.. clicked. I've heard stories where girls look at a profile and they know. They look and they just.. know automatically that those people are who are supposed to raise their child. I started getting so discouraged, and then I started to worry. What if that won't happen for me? What if I don't find a couple in time? But then Sharri started to tell us about a couple she was the caseworker for. She couldn't tell us their names for confidentiality reasons, since they weren't up on the website yet, but she described them to us. She said they lived in Laguna Beach and she was short and he was tall, like CJ and I, and they loved to surf, and they owned their own little surf shop down by the beach, and they just sounded really great. At this point, I wanted to hold out until they were available so I could pick them.
Sharri still sent me emails, though, and I still looked, but still, nothing. I was waiting for that moment, and it wasn't coming. Every time I typed in those names, I thought, "They could be the ones!" But still, nothing. Sharri usually sent me a few couples in one email with something like, here are some names for you to check out, but one day she sent an email with just one couple's names. She said they were highly recommended and they wanted an open adoption with a birth couple. I kind of got excited. Open adoption?!?! That's exactly what WE want! Birth couple?!? That's us! But when I went to type their names into the website, nothing came up. My hopes were crushed. Never mind, I guess they're not the ones.
When we went to our weekly Sharri meeting, almost the first thing she asked was if we saw the couple that was so highly recommended. I told her that I typed their names in about ten times, but they refused to come up. So then she suggested we see if it works on the office computer. So we went into the office, we brought up the website, and typed in their names. Instantly, their profile popped up. Their names were Danya and Kevin. They were a really cute couple, and so we started to read their story. Each of us read a paragraph and instantly, we knew. They were the ones. They have everything. They were looking for an open adoption! We read all their little fun facts. He was a Deputy Sheriff; CJ wanted to be a Deputy Sheriff! They liked camping and going shooting, they liked books and movies; WE liked those things!! They were a young couple![Okay, just in case you didn't know, I have this thing about old parents. I never ever ever want to be an old mom. Like if you have kids when your 35, You'll be 45 by the time they're ten!!! That's crazy!! Okay, yeah I'm weird.] They had the most adorable little dog!! They liked Disneyland and were pass holders, WE WERE PASS HOLDERS!!!!
Okay, I think you get the point. But really, they were absolutely perfect for us. They were almost like CJ and I, but just a few years later.
That night, the spirit was so overly in that room, testifying to us that we met our match[In a good way!] and that these were them. This was the couple.
I finally got my perfect moment where I knew.
I just knew.


  1. It's funny how you said, "They were almost like CJ and I, but just a few years later." That's how we've described you guys so many times, only opposite. "Just like us only younger." LOL!

  2. OMG... I am almost OLD. Your uncle is definitely OLD. :) Love your blog and your points of view, Natalie. Miss you!