Thursday, December 2, 2010

The P Word.

So, I bet you noticed that I skipped about a year.
Well, to be honest, not much happened in t
hat year. It was actually pretty boring, beside the fact that CJ and my relationship was amazing to say the least. :]
So amazing [however] that in December of 2009, I was scared to death of that p word.
No, not poop.
I was pretty dang positive that I was pregnant,
but I was too scared to find out. I had all the symptoms, though. Skipped time o' the month, morning sickness, everything. But, I still didn't want to get a pregnancy test. Maybe for the fear that, if I wasn't pregnant, then what the heck was wrong with me?
But I knew it.
However, I wanted to finish out the rest of cheer season [Basketball season] and then I would find out for sure. So I cheered the rest
of season, until the beginning of February, right before my 16th birthday.
Autum, Lexis, and I had been planning an amaz
ing fantastical Sweet Sixteen Party for a while since Lexis's birthday is in December and mine and Autum's are in February. And it was amazing and fantastical. :] It was a formal masquerade party so everyone had to come dressed nicely and they would get a mask when they arrived. It was held at a location that my dad's company uses a lot [He is a pro party planner :)] and we decorated it amazingly. Anyway, I'll just share pictures, but it was prettier than the pictures make it look :]
And so, what is a birthday party without cake? Cake with a picture of us when we were nine :]And our moms, being the weirdos that they are insisted that we
cut our cake together.
Awwww :] So cute :]
But us, being the weirdos that we are, okay mostly just Autum ;], had to ruin it by crossing each other's names out, decapitating each other, and stabbing one another in the head :] Can't you tell how much we love each other? ;]]And this, Ladies and gents, was the end product of our madness :] Not to mention complete and total hilarity :]
I think you can figure out what were like just by looking a
t our cake :]

However, by 10 I was exhausted, another unusual, but I ignored it.
That weekend, though, was 3 days long and CJ and I had decided that we would go to the mall together, which conveniently had a Target inside of it, and find out for sure.
We got to target and to say that we tried to put it off as
long as possible is an understatement. We stared at band-aids for 30 minutes. Okay, maybe that was just me because CJ [probably frustrated with my dilly-dallying, I would be :P] picked a test up, paid for it, and gave it to me.
I took the test, waited the recommended time and read it.
"That little pink plus sign is so unholy."


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I'm loving seeing things "through your eyes"! Keep it going!

    (PS: LOVE the Juno reference. LOL!)

  2. HAHA! I love Juno :]
    Most people hate watching it with me, though, cause I've seen it about a thousand times and I know pretty much every line, so I quote it while I watch it :]