Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When We First Met.

So Sharri said we could send them an email if we wanted to learn more about them or even meet them.
I was all over that idea!
She did make it clear, though, that, even if we weren't picking them for sure, we could still meet them and everything.
So that night I started to write the most important email in my life. Not to mention the hardest.
What do I say?
What's appropriate to say?
Do we send a picture?
What if they don't like us?
What if they've been chosen already?
I think I was surprised at some of the thoughts that ran through my head. I think I even thought, Do I tell them I'm pregnant?
But I think that shows just how nervous I was.
These people weren't just anyone.
They were the possible parents of my daughter.
This email HAD to be perfect!
I basically told them our ages, how far along I was[34 weeks(:], that I was having a girl, and that I loved their profile.
Even though I received an email only a day later, it seemed like eternity.
They said they lived in Hemet[which is only an hour and a half away!] and they would love to meet us or talk on the phone whenever we were ready.
Heck yes I was ready!
We emailed back and forth for a few days and set up a date to meet[which I think was July 19th, which was mine and CJ's 20 month anniversary(would it be anniversary? Oh well)(:]
We decided to meet at Red Robin, which was just down the street from Disneyland :], for dinner.
I decided to send them a picture of CJ and I so they would know what we looked like.
We arrived at our normal 30 minutes early since we were with my mom, so we pretty much waited in the car until CJ's mom, Tiffiny, got there and it was time to go in.
We brought pictures of CJ and I when we were babies, some pictures of family members, and some other things.
When it was finally time, I was so nervous.
We walked into Red Robin and sat for just a few minutes when they walked in.
I think my hands were shaking, and my palms were sweating. I could barely talk I was so nervous.
We were seated at a table and ordered some onion rings[the best onion rings ever might I add(:] and talked.
It was so great.
The conversation flowed and it seemed like everyone was having such a great time.
We ordered our food, talked some more, showed them the pictures, took some pictures, until it was time to leave.
I was kind of sad, but also excited because we were starting this amazing relationship with these two incredible people.
Before CJ, Tiffiny, my mom, and I left, the four of us decided to meet at Downtown Disney for a Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae at ESPN zone, which is a huge chocochip cookie baked in a skillet with tons of ice cream&whipped cream piled on top. Its pretty dang close to heaven in a skillet.
We even found out a few weeks later that Danya and Kevin went to Downtown Disney the same night to get dessert!!
I litterally LOLed when I read it on facebook :]
It was an amazing night and I was so thankful that they were such amazing people.
One of the best nights of my life,

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