Thursday, December 30, 2010


My other super exciting adventure began when my mom and I were offered the opportunity to go visit my uncle Greg, my aunt Angela, and my 18 month old [at the time] cousin in Dubai in April.
You're probably wondering what the heck they're doing in Dubai or even where the heck Dubai is.
My uncle is a fire protection engineer and was
offered the opportunity to move to Dubai and be the boss of his company's branch out there. They were ecstatic and accepted. Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, which neighbors Saudi Arabia.
So my mom and I were super duper excited to get
the chance to go visit her brother and his wife!
My mom was kind of nervous to have me fly, but we were reassured by the doctor that I was perfectly fine t
o go.
So we packed up and headed off for our 12 hour flight to Moscow, Russia and then another 4 hour flight from Moscow to Dubai. It was a pretty good flight; I got to catch up on my sleep! Lol!
I was so excited to see everyone when we arri
ved, since it'd been a while since they had last visited. I was also nervous, however, since they didn't know about my pregnancy. It wasn't that obvious since I wasn't showing too much, but I guess enough that they figured it out. They were so supportive, though, and had great advice for me. They reassured me that whatever decision I made, I would definitely be supported and loved.
The trip was so much fun! We got to see so many different things, and it was such an awesome experience! Now, time for p
ictures! :]
Mom and I. Behind us is the Burj Al Arab.
Me in front of some pretty mosque :D
Me in front of water thats infront of the Burj Khalifa[tallest building in the world. It's pretty dang tall. :)] You can even see a fragment of a baby bump! :]
Me and Connor :]]
Me, my mom, and Connor on Uncle Greg's friend's boat! :D

Mom&I at the Grand Mosque :]

My uncle did convince me, though, that maybe adoption was the best. They even offered to adopt the baby! I was sort of overwhelmed, and wasn't really sure since I still didn't even know whether I wanted to parent or place yet. And, I still had to talk to CJ. Even though everyone left the decision up to me, I didn't feel right not talking to CJ first. Yes, I was carrying the child and the decision was ultimately up to me, but he was still her father and he would be a major roll in the situation as well. After long thought and prayer, we decided that placing with Greg and Angela was not the right thing for us. They are awesome people and we love them to death, but we didn't want to place into the family and we wanted our daughter a lot closer to us.
I was sad when it came time to leave. It came by so quickly, but it was such a relaxing vacation; I really didn't want to go back to school. I was, however, super duper excited to get home and see CJ :]

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  1. Finally getting around to read your blog, Nat. You are such an amazing person. Love you! Aunt Angela