Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Delivery Room.

I wanted to write this post to touch on a subject I realized I didn't touch on in my August 22nd post. The delivery room.
It took me a while to figure out who I wanted in the delivery room with me. Obviously, I wanted CJ there. He was(and still is) my boyfriend and Lilly's birth father, so that was a given. I also wanted my mom there because, well, she's my mom. She was there for me at every doctors appointment and every step of the way and I wanted her there until the very end.
For a while, they were the only two who I wanted there. Until I talked to CJ about it and he expressed his mom's desire to be there as well. I immediately felt so awful that I hadn't even thought of including Tiffiny in the delivery room. She's always been so awesome towards me and there for me. She was almost like a second mom. Of course I had to include Tiffiny!
But then, when we chose to place, things got a bit more tricky. I had heard those stories of the couple being in the room during the delivery, the adoptive mom having the chest to chest time with the baby, the adoptive dad cutting the umbilical cord; really letting them have the whole experience. As much as I wanted them to have it, I wanted that too. I wanted CJ to be able to cut the umbilical cord, and I knew he wanted to as well, I wanted that chest to chest time with my baby while she was still mine. As much as I loved Kevin and Danya so much already, truth was, I had only met them once. I just felt it would be a little awkward to have them in there for all of that. I knew in my heart I was placing with them. She was their daughter. I just wanted that time to myself and my family.
So it was the four of us in the delivery room that day; me, CJ, my mom, and Tiffiny. We kept Danya and Kevin posted all day with texts. Whenever we were told something, we told them.
All in all, everything worked out really. I don't think their feelings were too hurt (at least I hope not) and we got our time with Lilly.♥


  1. Nope they sure weren't! We were so glad you had the special time alone with her <3

  2. you totally made me cry, you are wonderful! i'm glad that you got to have your time with lilly, like you said. even knowing that you were placing with danya and kevin, i think handing her over before you had the chance to soak her in after birth would have been hard and you would have regretted it. i really admire the four of you and your families in all of this, you are fabulous and that little angel princess is better off because of the way you are choosing to do all of this. i hope everything goes well with you natalie :)